Don’t Close Your Eyes

Released: 01/01/2004

01. ...
02. Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em
<p>Die<br /> Thoughts replaced by a placid romance<br /> Without movement, I can’t escape<br /> Die<br /> Searching through the static<br /> Twisted and torn inside of<br /> Such blinding visions of destruction<br /> So i have to question<br /> Was this in the master plan?<br /> Now a broken future’s all that we hold<br /> Broken<br /> Our broken future is all that we hold<br /> Our day draws<br /> To it’s close<br /> Dusk<br /> Washes away<br /> Integrity now bleeds away<br /> As tired hearts are left to drain<br /> Do you see there faces when you fall asleep at night?<br /> Now they’re nothing more than blood stained memories<br /> Blood stained memories</p>
03. Dead Dreams
<p>Kill the lights<br /> I’m so sick of your face<br /> Another night wasted wishing you away<br /> Now I’m cut, I’m cut at the wrist<br /> But I still can’t kill the pain<br /> I’d give anything to rip you from my head<br /> From my head<br /> The return of your voice marks another failure<br /> And i can feel your blades closing on my back<br /> I’ll savour this one last taste, this taste of sanity<br /> As it clutches, tearing at my heart<br /> This is my final act of desperation<br /> One second lost gives way to disease<br /> I’d give anything to rip you from my head<br /> Cause I can feel you<br /> Creeping through me<br /> Like a sickness<br /> Your weakness<br /> Scars your fucking face<br /> Scars your name<br /> The return of your voice<br /> Marks another failure<br /> And i can feel your blades<br /> Closing on my back<br /> As light fades to past<br /> Darkness wells against me<br /> But my shattered eyelids<br /> Refuse to close<br /> Your breathe is death to me</p>
04. Flesh, Bone and Weakness
<p>Shades drawn across<br /> No light may enter<br /> In my moment of weakness<br /> And this world is bearing down again<br /> So hard to clear my mind<br /> Why do i persist?<br /> I’ll endure another day<br /> It’s just so hard to resist<br /> And I can’t continue on<br /> So hard to clear my mind<br /> To see the thoughts I wish were true<br /> My face versus the stone<br /> And I blame myself<br /> Plague my mind with these insecure thoughts<br /> Whispers in the back of my head<br /> Telling me it’s all wrong<br /> Why do I persist?<br /> I’ll endure another day<br /> Why do I persist?<br /> As self loathing strangles me<br /> Push past the veil of helplessness<br /> Love can’t catch me, not today<br /> Take your hand and just surrender?<br /> It’s just not worth it<br /> Why do I persist?<br /> I’ll endure another day<br /> Why do I persist?<br /> Self loathing strangles me<br /> But I’ll endure another day</p>
05. The Cruise
06. You're Over
<p>Harmless?<br /> Don’t make me laugh<br /> Reduce yourself to a poisoned mess<br /> It’s so amazing<br /> What passes for cool these days<br /> Another trend?<br /> Or just a wish<br /> So when did it come down to this<br /> Fashion victim<br /> Takes on a whole new meaning<br /> “It’s just for fun…”<br /> Hey, I’m sure it is<br /> So tell me is that fun<br /> Convulsing on the door<br /> Open your eyes<br /> You’re walking the path to your self destruction<br /> The higher you fly, the further you fall<br /> Harmless?<br /> Don’t make me laugh<br /> I wish I had the strength<br /> To tear your eyelids off<br /> You fool<br /> You fucking fall<br /> It’s hard to fly, with wings of stone<br /> So hard to fly, with wings of stone</p>
07. Looks Like Yoda
<p>In a world of devoid of emancipation<br /> Like leaves too many question marks<br /> On my conscience, why?<br /> Why look up<br /> The ground is so much more pleasing<br /> And it’s where these eyes belong<br /> I renounce,<br /> I renounce myself<br /> What I have become is not<br /> What I wish to be<br /> Break my neck<br /> I’ve become too accustomed to hopes<br /> Hope’s cruel grasp<br /> Progression or regression<br /> It all ends the same<br /> In a world devoid<br /> Emotionless<br /> In a life such as this<br /> Only death is certain<br /> So why wait<br /> Break my heart<br /> Cut my throat<br /> When everything has ended<br /> What have we accomplished<br /> Slaves by design<br /> Break my neck</p>
08. Don't Close Your Eyes
<p>The warmth of your embrace<br /> Has lifted me from the ground<br /> The strength you’ve given me<br /> I can never truly thank you<br /> Through the darkness<br /> I found you by my side<br /> And I’ll make this promise to you<br /> I will never let you down<br /> This is for every hour<br /> This is for every second<br /> This is for every moment<br /> That we have shared together<br /> Sky blue days burn through<br /> I refuse to let our flame fade<br /> Every scar burning bright tonight<br /> I’d give my heart for you<br /> I’d give my strength for you<br /> I’d give my everything<br /> I’d give my life for you<br /> Tonight will stand as a testament to hope<br /> Every scar, burning bright<br /> I will stay by your side<br /> Don’t close your eyes<br /> Tonight we burn together<br /> My true friends, you mean the world to me<br /> Your friendship means everything<br /> Tonight will stand as a testament to hope<br /> Forever beating on</p>
09. I Watched
<p>In an instant this world’s hate engulfed all tenfold<br /> Hate<br /> I watched the birth of tomorrow’s catchphrase<br /> Terror<br /> As the sky came crashing down<br /> True terror now assumes a human form<br /> Suspicious minds and pointing fingers still ignore<br /> Suspicious minds tear at innocence<br /> I watched the sky burn<br /> As the ashes fell<br /> Time stood still</p>
10. Swallowing Razorblades
<p>I’d give the world for you to look my way<br /> I’d give it all. Just to feel your love<br /> Cast aside<br /> Separate. Destroyed<br /> Sweet laughter bleeds by ears<br /> Your eyes tear at my throat trying to steal my tongue<br /> Gaze of an angel melting my skin<br /> A face so cold<br /> Twice as enchanting<br /> I’m swallowing razorblades again<br /> Your eyes have torn my throat<br /> Trying to steal my tongue<br /> Gaze of a demon has burned through<br /> My skin<br /> Porcelain fingers take the hope from my heart<br /> Splinters of love<br /> A years goodbye’s bleed red<br /> Roses of black all my night<br /> The stars have fallen<br /> Take the hope from my life<br /> With all my love. This is my last<br /> My last heartfelt<br /> Fuck you<br /> This is my last fuck you<br /> Fuck you</p>
11. Emotional Breakdown
<p>Gazing upon your face<br /> Your love has released my heart<br /> To drown<br /> To sleep forever<br /> In your sweet embrace<br /> If i could reach the stars I’d place them in your eyes<br /> Just to remind me of such a timeless beauty<br /> Of you<br /> Lost myself to you<br /> I could not fall again<br /> Held here by your grace<br /> I’m bound forever by this<br /> Infatuation<br /> If i could<br /> If i could reach the stars<br /> I’d place them in your eyes<br /> Just to remind me of such a timeless beauty<br /> And when tomorrow tears you from my arms<br /> I’ll pray for one last sunset for our love</p>
12. Hollow Man
<p>Lie<br /> No more than shadows<br /> To be forgotten<br /> Fade away in time<br /> No more than shadow’s their dreams will never come to pass<br /> Trapped by your web of ignorance<br /> Trapped by your web<br /> Your web of lies<br /> Too much pain<br /> Too much anguish already endured<br /> More fear than a person should feel in a single lifetime<br /> And they’ve come so far<br /> Given it all for this second chance<br /> One second chance at life<br /> Hollow man<br /> You’ve gone too far<br /> Secure in your safe little world<br /> You have no idea the amount of pain you cause<br /> Since when is a child a risk to your security?<br /> Your razor wire and red tape killed their dreams</p>
13. The Negotiator
<p>Tell me, how does it feel<br /> To watch a child bleed to death<br /> From a weapon you designed?<br /> You’ve spilt their blood<br /> Is your pride really worth this? Such a mindless slaughter<br /> Bow down to your greed<br /> Bloodshed<br /> Your lies cut their throat<br /> Such beauty<br /> Such innocence<br /> Set to self destruct<br /> As you nail their coffin shut<br /> With your hammer of hate<br /> The flesh is torn, hate remains<br /> The<br /> Flesh<br /> Is<br /> Torn<br /> They bleed<br /> Bloodshed<br /> Broken by your hand<br /> Who will bleed for you now?</p>
14. Hopeless
<p>Tear my heart from my chest<br /> Still warm in my hands<br /> Feel the life drain away<br /> This distance is staggering<br /> Stealing the air from my lungs<br /> Choking me where i stand<br /> Hopeless, just one last kiss<br /> You sound so close<br /> I can almost feel your breath<br /> Too close to touch the fragment of my memory<br /> Tormenting me forever<br /> Haunting me forever<br /> Stretching towards forever<br /> Each second seems like a year<br /> And this eternity is tearing me apart, tearing me apart<br /> Hopeless<br /> Victim of my own human desire<br /> Love is a demon sent to destroy me<br /> I never knew distance could kill</p>